A little bit of Paradise – Part 2

Santorini Sunset

Day 6 – 8: Santorini

Day 6  brought with it another ferry trip although shorter this time and the stunning island of Santorini.  This was the one island I looking forward to most and it certainly delivered.  The sunset on this blog was taken in Santorini.  Almost every aspect of this island is stunning.

Santorini View
View taken from Santorini town centre

Once again after checking in to the hotel it was off for a quick tour of the island, before dinner.  After dinner it was time to hit the bars and experience the Santorini night life.  the less said about this night the better, but i think if i say 2 euro shots your imaginations can do the rest.

Day 7 and it’s days like this my ability not to get hangovers comes in really useful, although it was pretty chilled day.  Most of it was spent travelling around the island with the group.   We went up to one of the highest point, where monastery stood.  Then went to a winery to try some traditional Santo wine (although I wondered off to take photos and missed out on that bit. Doh!)

From here we went on a boat trip to the famous mud baths and volcanic islands that surround Santorini.  Word to the wise, if you’re going to do this the mud stains so don’t wear anything light in the water.  There is also a short swim from the boat to get there too.

Once back on the main island there are two routes back to the top of the hill.  Donkey or Cable Car.  Suffice to say I chose cable car, I wasn’t about to inflict myself on a poor donkey, especially when i saw the incline on the hill.  After a bit of wondering around town, it was back on the bus and back to the hotel.  By this point most people were warn out, or still recovering from the night before, so a chilled out evening in the hotel it was.  No alcohol and lots of tea for me 🙂

Day 8  a day of free time and adventure was on the cards.  This involved myself and a group of the friends I made hiring quad bikes and going around pretty much the entire island.  This was by far the best day I had and memory I hope i never forget.  The sunset photo was taken on this day, along with the one below.

Santorini Rooftops
Traditional blue rooftops in Santorini

What you can see above are the traditonal blue rooftop in the town of Oia.  I hope to return here one day, and explore a little more.  There are lots of shops and restraunts to try out and really could have done with more time.

This day was conluded with some cliff diving with the group, where we sam to island that had an old church ruin on it.  What made it even more exciting was that we had to climb over the aftermath of a landslide to get there, because it had destroyed the path to jump point.  Serious adventure.

This island is amazing.  I can’t say that enough, there so much more I could write but i think i’ve written enough already.

Day 9 – 11: Ios

Day 9 and we are off to Ios.  Only a short 45 minute ferry ride to get there 🙂

I have to say I was little apprehensive about this island, as on the first day we crossed paths with some people who had just finished this trip and they warned us that Ios will chew us up and spit us out.  This was no exaggeration either!  If you like to party this island is for you.

The clubs reside in an area of town called the dark side, and things don’t kick off until midnight.  Almost every bar has a shot challenge that involves you buying 7 shots and you get a free shirt.  There’s also slammers, where you pay 5 euros for shot and they’ll hit you over the head with a mallet, skateboard, fire extinguisher or anything they have to hand (they provide a crash helmet of course) and another where you buy a 5 euro shot and a woman will slap you around the face, with black paint on her hand.  Now you may think this sound ridiculous, but trust me it’s surprising what you’ll pay for when you’re drunk.  I speak from experience :/  Basically what you’ve just read was what happened in to the early hours of day 10.

Day 10 Given what you’ve just read, you won’t be surprised to learn very little happened on day 10.  I went for massage in the Spa, then slept on the beach for most of the day.  Some people went back to town to explore a little, but they came back rather quickly because there was very little to see.  Basically if you’re not on the island to eat, sleep, rave, repeat there is no reason for going to the island.

Day 11 The final full day on the island and trip on a pirate ship awaited some of us.  We stopped off at certain points to swim in some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen, and here that I put my snorkel to test and got to see an amazing array for sea life creatures.  Then came the last really chance to top up tans, as we swam to a private beach to enjoy lunch.

Ios, Pirate Shop
Ios, Pirate Shop

After lunch most of us tried to fit in a mid day nap, in order to prepare us for what lay ahead.

Once back the hotel most people started getting ready for dinner together, before a final night of carnage. Basically think about day 10, only harder.  Most people wanted to get more shirts, which meant insane amounts of shots being bought.  I came away with three shirts, so that’s 21 shots (a shared them out, before you ask).

When the night was over it was back to hotel to try and get ready for departure 🙁

Day 12 – 13: Athens

There’s not much to be said here sadly 🙁

Day 12 was spent travelling back to Athens from Ios, which meant 4.5 hours on a ferry.  Most of that time was spent asleep on the floor, or watching the film I am Sam, with the volume turned down.

Day 13 was spent on the flight home.  I watch the film Pride on the flight back, which wasn’t the best idea as I was balling at the end of it which made things a little awkward for the lady sat next to me :/

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