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Newmillerdam boat house

I’ve been in to photography for some time now, and at times I’ve managed to make a little money from it.  I currently use a Canon 550D Digital SLR camera, which I bought quite a few years ago now and to be honest I’m in need of an update.  However, that’s not going to happen anytime soon due to not being able to afford the camera I want :/

Aside from my digital SLR, I’ve been building up a small collection of analogue cameras, partly due to the rise in popularity of Lomography, who make some amazing cameras and accessories, but also the romantic idea I have of being able to process my own photos in the dark room I’d like to have one day.

New Toy

Recently I added to this collection with a new analogue camera and I just wanted to take some time to show show of the photos.  The reason being, they aren’t perfect, but they are the first ones where the entirely role of film hasn’t come out black and I actually have something to show.  I like to think this is because my skills are improving 😉

So the camera…

The new camera is a Yashica Mat EM (photo below).  It’s a TLR (twin-lens reflex camera), which means it has one lens to focus on taking the photo and another used for the view finder.  It was made in 1964, and you have to looked down from the top to take the photo.  I love it, it looks cool and it’s fun to use.  Oh and it’s heavy.

Yashica Mat EM
Yashica Mat EM

I found it in a used Camera store in Manchester – The Real Camera Co – and if you’re interested in buying a camera like this i’d suggest you go there, because the guys who work there really know their stuff and gave me some great advice.

The photos

So when I bought this camera I decided i’d only use black and white film.  It was a personal choice, there was no other reason than that, I just think black and white looks better.

There are two slideshows below, but all the photos came from the same role of film.  Ilford 120 Black and White ISO 125

The first slideshow has photos from Worsbrough Reservoir and these are the better ones, probably because it was a brighter day and easier to get light in to the camera.

  • Worsbrough Reservoir
    Worsbrough Reservoir

This second one is from Newmillerdam.  Some of these are a little blurry, as I was playing with the setting more and so probably had the shutter speed set a little too slow.

  • Newmillerdam boat house
    Newmillerdam boat house

Anyway there you have it . All comments and questions welcome 🙂

Thanks for reading x

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