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Kaws Sculpture

I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I’m not too keen on their parking prices though.  However, when you think what it must cost to commission exhibits like the recent one by KAWS then somehow it becomes worth it.  So I thought what better place to have a second run with the Yoshika 🙂

Sheep Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Sheep Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Having finally got the grips with the built in exposure meter, there is a clear improvement from my first outings at Newmillerdam and Worsbrough Mill.  In fact I think these photos have a darker more edgy character to them which I really like, not that I knew this when i was taking the photos of course lol I had to wait until I got them back from the printers to find that out lol

If anyone is interested I use CC Imaging in Leeds.  It’s a really simple process where you post the film off to them and they send your photos back, with a CD if you request one.

I have to say the though, the more I use this camera the more I love it! So far I’ve only really done static subjects, but now I’m looking to try an capture moving subjects and peoples faces, because that what really inspires me.  If anyone reading this would like to be a subject get in touch maybe we could work on a project 🙂

Anyway, back to the photos.  I’ve added a new gallery feature to show the photos better, there are even some rare self portraits in there and I actually quite like them! lol

If you are interested in seeing the KAWS exhibit for yourself it’s only on until 20th November 2016! So hurry! http://www.ysp.co.uk/exhibitions/kaws

Anyway thanks for reading, hope you like the photos and if not that’s cool too lol

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