Preservation vs Development

As some readers may or may not know, I come from a town small town in the UK called Barnsley.  We’ve had a lot of media attention lately, thanks to a BBC show called “Our Dancing Town“, if you haven’t seen it give it a look.  It’s a brilliant example of the pride us Barnsley folk have for our town and it’s history, but there’s so much more to people of my town, we have many talents.  Some which we shout about, like our amazing football team Barnsley FC, and some of which we keep hidden.

There’s one talent I would like to shout about though, one which I get the pleasure of seeing on my drive in to work.  It’s something that inspires me and I think it’s a great example of art and creativity, but some people see it as disgusting and vandalism.  However you perceive this express personality and emotion, it something we are going to lose, so this blog is my small attempt to preserve it and celebrate the people who created it (even though I don’t actually know who they are).  Apart from one artist.


The thing i’m actually talking about is the graffiti, if that wasn’t obvious enough lol.  On my route to work there is a derelict pub that was called The Bush Inn.  In it’s heyday i’m sure it was a the hub of the community it’s in, but since closing the building has fallen in to disrepair and the land it sits on is now full of over grown weeds, and even a couple of dead birds :/  (One of which I stood on when taking the photos you’re about to see)

However, it’s not all doom and gloom.  One artist decided to brighten up the building with some amazing pieces of street art, and I never get bored of driving past on my to work.  His name is David Cross and he once worked at the pub.  There was a piece in the local news paper about how he came to create one of the pieces, but the building is covered in art more than just one piece of art (i’m not sure if they are all David’s work or a collection of artists) that I feel should be celebrated and preserved in someway.

The reason it needs to be preserved is because, once again our local newspaper broke the story that the building and the land has been bought, and it will soon be turned in to a co-op supermarket.  This isn’t something I have an issue with, I’m not about to go chaining myself to the building.  After all time brings change, and progress is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean i’m happy about the potential loss of the graffiti either. So one very cold day in Decemeber, I decided to photograph the building in an attempt to preserve some record of the art.  So finally after a very long way of explaining that please see the photos below.

I hope you like the art as much as I do 😉


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